"La Purépecha Café"

We are a team composed of 3 Chicano siblings. Our roots are back in Michoacán, Mexico. Our business consists of making a variety of coffee & non caffeinated drinks. Like for example, a customer all time favorite, Tres Leches Café. 

Why did we choose “La Purépecha Café” as our business name? The word “purépecha” or “purépechas” is a group of native indigenous people in Michoacán. Our family comes from the direct line of the purépechas from both our mother and father’s side. We have always had a love for our roots and where we come from. We chose this name because, even though we weren’t born in Michoacán, we wanted to expose more of La purépecha culture to individuals who don’t know they exist; and for those who identify themselves as a purépecha to know there’s a business, a brand, who is proudly representing them. 

Whether it’s a traditional Cafe de Olla or a caramel macchiato, you will find something you’ll love made by La Purépecha Café.

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